Few can argue the power the piano holds. A skilled pianist can invoke any emotion in themselves and their listeners. From the classic stylings of Bach on a harpsichord and the beautiful compositions of Beethoven to modern day icons, this instrument has captivated mankind for years.

The assumption is that if you are at this site, you must be considering beginning or continuing your journey in learning the piano. Piano lessons can be a great step forward!

At Michael Denton Piano you will not only learn the instrument itself, but you will learn about music: the deep foundation of notes and rhythms that will allow you to understand and pursue the mastering of nearly any instrument.

I am excited that you are considering piano lessons, and whether for pleasure or for performance, I know that you will always be grateful for such ability. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, I look forward to helping you find fulfillment through learning to play the piano and, most important of all, to have fun in the process!

- Michael Denton